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Listed below are the remaining known current dates and locations of ROAD CLOSURES for the Val Verde wildfire mitigation project:

9/26 Dawkins Ave & Kenwood Ave

9/27 Cromwell Ave

9/29 Madison Way

9/30 Central Ave & Lincoln

10/3 Lomita Dr

10/5 Val Verde Rd

10/6 Silver St

10/6 Eveningside Dr & San Martinez Rd

This is for the needed infrastructure work for the future safety of our residents and property. PLEASE take the time to review if you live in or work in Val Verde. This can include road closures, both soft and hard ones.


For basic information on the wildfire infrastructure Edison is working on:

Here is a map where you can see the currently schedule outages:

To get on their alert list which allows you to sign-up for outages that impact your address:

^^ Also on this page at the bottom is a sign-up form if "you or someone in your household uses life-sustaining medical equipment or relies on electricity to manage a medical condition and are not currently enrolled in our Medical Baseline program, it is important that you let us know. That way, we’ll know to take extra steps to notify you about PSPS outages in your area that could result in your home losing power."

Here is a direct link to that form:

For more information on getting generators/batteries for medical devices as well as more programs they have go to:

Please share this information with your neighbors.

For more neighborhood happenings sign-up for:

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The Val Verde Civic Association (VVCA) is charged with representing unincorporated area of Val Verde in the North Los Angeles County area. Therefore comments from our local community members will take precedence over those from beyond our community.


If you reside in the larger Castaic community, we recommend contacting the Castaic Area Town Council which serve as community advisory for the entire Castaic region. You can find their information on their website at

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LA County Public Works

The Works App:

County’s reporting app called The Works and the bilingual instructions for downloading and using the app below. 


The Works will help County residents to know what services Public Works provides and how to report and track requests for services.  It allows residents to use their mobile devices to report and track issues observed in communities, including graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping, and more.


Serving the community of Val Verde since 1995

The Val Verde Civic Association (VVCA) is a non-profit volunteer association established by its members for the purpose of providing a forum for discussion, study and community networking activities for the betterment of the unincorporated area of Val Verde in the North Los Angeles County area. 

We are to direct, coordinate, assist, stimulate and develop community programs for the betterment of Val Verde. 

This group was incorporated October 4th, 1995 to allow the residents of Val Verde a forum to publicly organize and collaborate.  

Today the VVCA holds monthly community meetings where local, county, regional and sometimes state organizations and governmental agencies share reports on what is going join in our area. 

On alternating months our meetings focus on reports from only local groups leaving more time for us to conduct business. 

Please join us for our next meeting happening every 2nd Thursday of the month 7pm at the Val Verde Community Center - 30300 Arlington Street, Val Verde, CA 91384