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Every little bit helps.
The Val Verde Civic association is a 501c(4) non-profit. we rely on donations to operate and to continue to serve the community of Val Verde. Your contributions make a huge difference!
as A 501 (C)4 we unfortunately cannot offer tax write offs for donations

We are currently looking for donations of a minimum of $75 to go toward our community newsletter. 

The Newsletter will be distributed to every home in the Val Verde community and we are seeking local businesses or individuals to help us cover the costs of printing mailing and to contribute to our continuing efforts to serve our community. Any donors have the option to have their business name and contact included in the sponsor list in the newsletter if they want. 

Would you or your business be willing to support these efforts in the form of a donation to the Val Verde Civic Association? 


All donors will be acknowledged in the newsletter and in our social media and on our website. 


If you want to donate, please input the information below and let us know the name and contact information for any business you want to promote on that page. 

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